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2021 Field Day Plan

This document represents the plan for MemHamWAN’s participation in the 2021 joint field day between MARA, Delta Club, Neshoba, Tri State Repeater, and MemHamWAN. This year, the chosen location is Germantown Municipal Park.


  • What is field day?
  • MemHamWAN has participated in the local joint field day for every year since it began
  • Field day is our de-facto tent pole marketing event for the year (both with clubs and with the general public); we need to treat it as such an opportunity

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness to the community of the MemHamWAN project
    • Measurement: hand out 20 flyers during the course of the event
  • Demonstrate HamWAN’s capabilities
    • Measurement: host a wireless network for use by the field day contest stations
    • Measurement: connect to HamWAN using only portable equipment
  • Engage interested community members in a data and “IoT” oriented arm of amateur radio not seen in other areas
    • Measurement: demonstrate on-network services to 10 people
    • Measurement: have 2 people join the Slack organization

Project Milestones

  • May 24: joint organization planning meeting
  • June 26 8 AM - 1 PM: Setup
  • June 26 1 PM - June 27 1 PM: Teardown
  • June 27 1 PM - 3 PM: pack out

Hardware Plan

  • Ryan will bring his 20’ camper trailer to provide shelter and relief from heat
  • Ryan will bring his 15 m tower; this will house a 30 db grid dish antenna to connect to HIL
  • Ryan will bring a wireless access point, harddig case with a rackmount switch, and his personal computer
  • Ryan will bring a promotional banner
  • Ryan will bring a table, flyers


*Should we 3D print PL-259 and SO-239 covers, perhaps with MemHamWAN branding? Those could be given away as tchotchkes.