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2022-07-13 Board Meeting Minutes

HamWAN Memphis Metro 2022 Q2 Board Meeting


Call to Order

  • @turnrye: I call this meeting to order at 8:11 P.M. Central Time on July 13, 2022 taking place via Discord voice chat.

Roll Call

  • @turnrye called roll, @cliff.gurlen, @turnrye , and @kk4ioh present. Quorum is achieved.

Previous Meeting

  • @turnrye: Our last board meeting was on 2022-03-24 and here are it’s meeting minutes. There have been no edits since @seichold published them. @turnrye motioned to approve the last meeting’s minutes, @cliff.gurlen seconded. The motion carries.

Officers Report

  • @turnrye: We’ll now move to the officer’s reports, starting with the president


  • Cloud edge router migration complete
  • Progress on scanners and liveatc.net receiver in progress, targeting end of July completion
  • Equipment on hand for Iridium ACARS receiver, help wanted


  • @turnrye: Our treasurer is unable to attend tonight, and as such we have no report today. We will review these in the next quarter meeting.

Unfinished business

  • @turnrye: We’ll now move on to unfinished business.
  • @cliff.gurlen: No motion regarding previously unfinished business on establishing a digital communications and technologies organization for this quarter.

New business

  • @turnrye: We’ll now move on to new business
  • @turnrye: calyx foundation modem project discussion is postponed as we do not have financial reports on hand. Will raise this again


  • @turnrye: Are there any announcements?
  • @turnrye: reminder that per our policy, these minutes will be published on the wiki, and edits to them should take place over the next 5 days; please make time to review these after the meeting in case you have concerns and see the need for edits
  • @turnrye: The next meeting will be the 2022 members meeting on August 25 at 8 p.m. central time on webconference
  • @turnrye: The next board meeting will be the Q3 board meeting on September 22 at 8 p.m. central time on webconference


  • @turnrye : I MOVE THAT we adjourn the 2022 Q2 board meeting. @cliff.gurlen seconded and @KK4IOH voted in the affirmative. The meeting was closed.