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2023-03-23 Board Meeting Agenda

HamWAN Memphis Metro 2023 Q1 Board Meeting


Call to Order

  • @turnrye: I call this meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. Central Time on March 23, 2023 taking place via Discord voice chat.

Roll Call

  • @seichold to call roll:
    • @cliff.gurlen
    • @turnrye
    • @KK4IOH
    • @seichold
  • For quorum to be achieved, at least 3 members must be present.
  • @seichold: full attendence at this board meeting so quorum has been met.

Previous Meeting

Officers Report

  • @turnrye: We’ll now move to the officer’s reports, starting with the president


  • Report on previously approved funding for power system fixes at CRW; state of CRW and LBW
  • @turnrye update:
    • CRW work completed. Camera installed and dish alignment verified to be pointed to hilton
    • Hilton work day needed to add P2P dish, fiber to the roof, and additional sector work
    • Lewisberg site update: It is not urgent, but they are not sure how to utlize IP access at this time. We will revisit with the club as their plans mature.


  • @seichold:
    • Funding allocated from last board session was spent on CRW.
    • Taxes are due this month and will be completed over the next 2-3 weeks.
    • Detailed financial update will be provided as taxes are completed

Unfinished business

New business

  • Elections: open nominations, close nominations, and vote.
  • Nomination:
    • @seichold: Nominated @KK4IOH for president and Michael accepted
    • @seichold: Nomindated @turnrye for vice president and Ryan accpeted
  • Voting:
    • Slate voting results:
    • Voting passes unanimously


  • @KK4IOH provides update on priority on pushing forward with Hilton and excitment at the oppuntunity for his term as president


  • @KK4IOH makes motion to adjurn
  • @cliff.gurlen seconds and motion passes