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Ups Configuration

We tend to use APC UPSes with the network line cards. The 1500 VA models are good fits for our usages.

There’s a standard configuration that we use, however given the nature of them they must be manually configured via the GUI. Below are the standards that we typically use the settings below.



  • Set it to synchronize with an NTP server, value ntp.memhamwan.net for both primary and secondary; UTC-6 CT timezone; check the box for update now
  • Set DNS to use our on-network DNS server,


Event Actions

  • Set “by group” entries to have informational events not send an email
  • Set “by group” entries to have warning and critical events do send an email


  • SNMP address should be smtp-relay.gmail.com
  • From address should be apc@$hostname
  • Recipients should be netops@memhamwan.org



  • Disable fully


  • Enable v1
  • Set “public” community to read, specifically for the 44/8 network; generally this is done by setting the NMS value to
  • Disable any other entries under v1
  • Disable v3

All other services

  • Disable FTP
  • Disable WAP